Rebecca's prayer to help her forget what happened and live a godly life with J.D.

A Prayer to Forget

Dear Lord,

Help me forget what happened.
Help me submit to my loving husband J.D. and support him in his ministry.
Please, dear Lord,
Help me remember my cues when we go on t.v.
to raise mission funds.
Help me do the voice-over for Rita Raspberry in the
"Fruits for Jesus" cartoon just the way J.D. likes.
Please watch over my mother in the nursing home
and bless her caretakers.
If she recognizes me and talks about poisoning Dad again,
please help me show your everlasting love and forgiveness.
Please dear Jesus, help me to stop drinking in the morning and taking those pills at night,
even though J.D. says they're prescription and I shouldn't worry.
Jesus, you are my light.
Shine the path for me away from what happened.