Rebecca's daily to do list includes couture shopping, diet, exercise, social activities plus almost all drugs and drinks consumed

9:00 am

breakfast in bed, check news sites, etc. 
1 paxil, dry toast, grapefruit wedges, espresso with sweetener
drink 1 quart water

10:00 am

swim 40 laps (remind Juan to treat pool soon)
sauna 20 mins., use loofa & remove all body hair everywhere!!!
espresso (get second machine for gym, kitchen is sooo far away!)

11:30 am

drink 1 quart water
moisturizing facial, style hair (ask Elaine to put more lift in back). Wear down with curls for lunch; chignon this evening. Ask Elaine if she can attach DeSerio crystal butterfly pin to my updo so it won't fall out ($1105!)
Guerlain "Springtime in Paris" colors for blush, eyeshadow, lipstick & gloss. Touch up with cute gold compact as needed.

12:00 pm

dress for lunch
wear: Oscar de La Renta Couture pink cashmere sweater and scalloped skirt ($1800)
Hermes pearlwood and stainless steel bracelet watch ($1300) - no other jewelry as this is busy day, might lose something!
Fendi bright cotton baguette ($1675!)
Black Gucci halter pump ($275)
• 1 valium

1:00 pm

lunch with girls (remember Suzanne is CFO, Caphart, Weiss & Wintz) Fish or chicken, small salad (not too much fiber or will get gassy!), no bread, white wine o.k.

2:30 - 4:45

drink 1 quart water
Dolce & Gabbana appointment 2:30. What will they have for me?
Stop by Prada for canvas  & brown leather boots and matching cute for office visits.
Cruise through Saks...check out what's new with Jil Sander & Marc Jacobs. Get those pearl & blue topaz David Yurman bracelets for tonight ($1350.00 each)


drink 1 quart water
Elaine do chignon. Try new Stila illuminating powder foundation for that "natural, dewy look."
wear: Gucci khaki green leather jacket ($3120). Wear nude underneath just like model. Flesh-colored pasties...
Gucci turquoise flower print silk skirt with ruffle hem ($895)
Dolce & Gabbana silver hologram leather slingback ($520), so cyber virtual reality! Tark will love it.
Dolce & Gabbana black floral embroidered satin frame bag ($1370)
Adrienne Landau cream & embroidered silk stole ($325) for that exotic touch.
Nude legs or Donna Karan color blush hose?
Aunt Lily's pearl necklace...pearl & topaz wedding anniversary earrings from Tark, new pearl & topaz bracelets.
paxil or valium?


ask Tark to get jewels from safe.
drinks with Tark, vodka tonic o.k. Tell him about new cameo lingerie dot com online shopping cart site (people are really starting to do this!) with discrete shipping...leatherette teddy, victorian bustiers, etc!

• 1 paxil


Dinner at Flemmings. Tark's new partner Jess, be very nice. Mention house at Big Bear, weekend retreat soon...(cater that!)


Tark put jewels in safe (when will he give me combination?!!)
Jacuzzi bath, candles, Princess Borghese salts, invite Tark? viagra or desyrel?