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Chapter 6




Stock Options
section one

As the world entered a new century, it was clear to everyone at zDepth that their success would be due to Howie's atmosphere-generating code.

It was so sleek it didn't slow the game, yet added exponentially to the feel of an alternate reality. It awed reviewers and filled venture capitalists with acquisitive lust. more

A Ghost in the Machine
section two

Rebecca's options sold just before the bubble burst. "We can fix the roof," cooed Dorothy, "replaster the tower and prune the orchard!"

"Yes we can," agreed Rebecca, "and once we get this place cleaned up, I think we'll have some tenants."  Molly and Gina wanted to stay in Bears River. more

Mystery Resolved
section three

"Could you use these, offered Rebecca, lugging out a set of tole painted TV trays. They're kind of retro neo-Americana," she joked. Gina loved them.

She pulled the metal legs apart so one would stand, and the metal tray top popped off. On it's underside, the inscrutable scratchings etched   . more

Cruel Comments
section four

Gina and Molly moved into the tower room. Howie and Mikka took two upstairs bedrooms. Their rent covered the cost of a gardener and handyman.

Rebecca and Howie started a web design company. Bears River businesses were eager to taste the elixir of ecommerce. Everyone wanted their own home page. more

Screen Saver Secrets
section five

Perhaps a bad house grows good slowly. Repairs are made, foundations rebuilt, fresh paint applied to banish odors and malingering faults.

But renovation is fraught with regression. Evil puts up a good fight when carved into the antique woodwork. Stains are scrubbed away, then stubbornly reappear. more

What Really Happened
section six

The next morning Howie said "Check out my new site, will you, the special one."
"Oh, that one," said Rebecca, knowing just the one he meant.

She also knew the arcane login and password. Rebecca waited until noon that day, anticipating every moment as she posted detailed FAQs for clients. more

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