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Chapter 5

Thieving Gossip
section one

She held the bundle, and paced the hallways, climbed up and down the stairs. She cradled it atop the Widow's walk, where craggy Sierras serrated the sky.

She didn't known what to do with it at first, moist and blood-soaked, wrapped in layers of torn sheets, Pearl's monogram at the hem. Washo would not want it. more

Good-bye Cherry
section two

After his wife died, Howie held Mikka in a soft carrier against his chest. He didn't want to put the baby down, her darling warmth kept right there, safe.

He could kiss the top of her head or hold her little hand in his while cleaning up, cooking, doing laundry, all the chores that he'd always done while Cherry dozed. more


Pairing Up
section three

Rebecca turned down further date requests from J.D. and months later was bemused to learn his megachurch produced a hit cartoon show for children.

Truth be told, Rebecca's real romantic interest was her dynamic boss Tark. She thrilled every time he called. Not that she believed for a moment they had a chance. more

A Princess in Pearls
section four

Lily's pearl necklace sat in a carved rosewood box on her mirrored dressing table, gathering dust until Dorothy decided Rebecca needed it.

"Pearls are always classy, especially on blondes," she teased. The necklace, however, would require a trip upstairs, to Nate and Dorothy's old bedroom. more


section five

Rebecca and Howie drew booth duty until noon. The din was horrendous, crowds thrilled by shiny technology heralding prosperity in the new century.

They passed out buttons and answered questions. Rebecca liked Howie's style with the eager conventioneers flocking to zDepth's tricked-out booth. more

Surprise Soup
section six

Rebecca spooned eggs from the breakfast buffet onto her plate. She hoped coffee and protein would revive her fevery brain and sore body.

She'd left Tark a garbled voicemail that her mother was ill and needed her home as quickly as possible. Rebecca planned to take a cab to the bus depot. more


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