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Chapter 4

Daily Calendar
section one

Rebecca arrived early each morning, inspired by the gleaming office that offered such a cheerful contrast to her brooding, closed-off home.

zDepth sparkled with quiet order. A sleek monitor, clear glass bud vase, and receptionist console perched like beaming Buddhas on the polished granite front desk. more


Nightmare Ghosts
section two

The house was manageable now.  Dorothy blocked off the upstairs with a rampart of gem colored jars packed with pickles, preserves and tinctures.

Each murky jar contained herbs whose protective properties she garnered from Culpeper's Complete Herbal, found in Nate's study, the brittle pages still uncut. more

A Lunch Date
section three

J.D. called her at work, having learned from locals that Rebecca was well-placed at the exciting, if indecipherable, new game company.

After she took the call, Rebecca was glad that J.D.'s first sense of her voice was her practiced "zDepth, Advanced Gaming Technologies? May I help you?" more


Trick and Switch
section four

Pearl languished on the sofa, her temples throbbing. She would like to be swimming with Washo right now but her monthlies precluded that.

She heard Lily step out, her footsteps heading towards the shady orchards.  A hot, sage-scented breeze billowed the thin summer curtains. more

Wizards and Witches
section five

The goth girls Gina and Molly ran the Quality Assurance department. Molly recruited local teenagers to playtest zDepth's proprietary gaming technology.

Gina was the lead tester who crafted reverse engineering plans to find and replicate bugs in each numbered version of the complex, multiplayer game. more


Forgiveness Forgotten
section six

Nate didn't die of a broken heart. The doctor said he died of congenital heart failure. But for years Rebecca believed she had burst his heart with her troubles.

Inexplicable, shocking events unfurled relentlessly during the breathless week of her very first love affair and it's deadly repercussions. more

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