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Chapter 3

Happy Family Life
section one

Dorothy believed the ghosts were humbled and subdued. Disturbing curios were relegated to Pearl's tower bedroom.

A shrine to the family tragedy, the room was stuffed with china figurines and precious Native American baskets, their woven geometric patterns still vivid. more

section two

Senior year, 1982, and the Bears River Bobcats were vying to win the first Girls California State Basketball Championship ever!

Because of her height and overall dexterity, Rebecca was a valued though seldom-used player. She didn't have the killer instinct prized by her coaches. more

Last Will and Heartache
section three

Nate felt pains squeezing his heart so went to see the doctor. Then he met with portly Earl and Grant Wylie, the family lawyers.

Their firm managed matters for Lily in her last days. "I want them taken care of," Nate said. "I don't want Dorothy to worry. And I want Rebecca to attend college." more

You're Cute
section four

It wasn't like Cindy said anything. Everyone just knew it was o.k. and it happened smooth as silk. Rebecca and J.D. left the bonfire together.

J.D. picked up her hand, kissed the palm like a prince in the movies, and led her to the woods behind the old shack, bits of which tindered weekend bonfires. more

The New Girl
section five

Rebecca figured Cindy would talk to her soon. Perhaps chide her, or worse, ask for details. Instead, Cindy gave her a simple command.

"That new girl from L.A., tell her to come to the bonfire Saturday night. Tell her J.D. thinks she's cute." Rebecca couldn't swallow, her eyes sprouted tears. more


A Simple Funeral
section six

Lily walked home along the dusty main road, the bright heat baking her unbearably. Her slippers tore on rough grit.

A misstep and her ankle twisted, tumbling her into tall prickles. Her foot thrust into the haven of a baby rattler, who instinctively
bit her, spitting unrestrained
venom near her tibial artery. more



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