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Chapter 2

Hidden Messages
section one

Perhaps a house is built and destined to be a bad house. Or perhaps a good house grows bad slowly, sprouting mildew and ephemeral hauntings.

Dorothy felt the strange miasma creep about her as she walked out of the day's baking heat into the shadowed foyer, but chalked it up to honeymoon jitters. more

Another Storm Tonight
section two

Rebecca's fits came every few months, when the moon was full.  She called them her "stormies."  Dorothy held her, and they slept on the sofa.

Not every child is easy to raise or naturally happy.  Rebecca was as sweet as sunshine, most of the time, but then the house darkened and whispers brushed her ears. more

Trapper's Mansion
section three

Trapper hired a San Francisco architect to draw up plans. Sequoia sempervirens, tall as gods, were felled and hauled down mountain by oxen.

Lichen encrusted boulders wrenched from beds of sand, then rolled on logs to the flattened building site, left gaping caves of mud along the river banks. more

Interior Decor
section four

Ever since Mamma died, Pearl chose the lovely things Trapper wanted for their home. She bid locally for Miwok and Pomo  baskets, choosing the best.

Mail order catalogs fetched home the popular new "French antiques", enameled Chinese vases, gas lamps embraced by cherubs, and varicolored slabs of books. more


A Gypsy Lover
section five

Trapper's Mansion had a dark side, facing north, shadowed by a two-horned mountain. This side was cool on searing summer days; dank in winter.

The rest of the house caught ample light and shared breezes from room to room. The north-facing tower bedroom, Pearl's room, stood alone. more



section six

The house knew everything. Its walls absorbed each exhalation, murmur and wail. It waited until Rebecca gave what it wanted: a death, grief, guilty secrets.

Built from native materials formed over eons, the house, through curse, spell or vivid imagining, was sentient. Its presence watched and waited. more

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