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Chapter 1

Rebecca Needs a Job
section one

It is generally assumed by Bears River residents that if a land poor woman is 35 and unmarried, then she must be depressed or unlucky in love.

Rebecca Butterfield was no longer depressed, and she hadn't had much chance at love, but her odd mother, 85 acres, and large home required a great deal of care. more

Bears River Bus Ride
section two

Rebecca earned a Computer Office Procedures certificate at the community college. Classes were easy, but she had to travel far from home.

Valley Rapid Transit sent a bi-weekly mountain bus to fetch her. She drove her father's rusty, low-slung sedan into town to catch the dawn bus at Rainy's. more

Mother's Medicine
section three

Dorothy, Rebecca's devoted mom, was a prolific cook. Food from surprising recipes was served throughout the day, always with tall glasses of beer.

Dorothy's fresh vegetables and herbs brightened each meal and stretched their meager grocery budget. Liquid anti-depressants were expensive. more

Orange Poppy Daze
section four

Rebecca was tall with delicate shoulders, strong legs and honey-blonde hair grown nearly to her waist. She played basketball in high school.

Now she exercised by clearing brush from the yard, and fixing things on the house that required heavy tools. She was proud of her height but hated her big feet. more


The Belles of Bears River
section five

Nate and Dorothy were married in the autumn of 1956. Nate's great aunt died and left them a remote, century-old home, "Trappers Mansion."

They moved in after a three week honeymoon and shopping trip to San Francisco, shipping home finds from furniture boutiques and funky art galleries. more

Dot Com Fever
section six

Rebecca needed an interview outfit that wouldn't betray her handicapped past. Bears River was buzzing with excited gossip.

An Internet start-up purchased the old red brick river mill and redesigned it as office space, employing all the town's available carpenters and electricians. more



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